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Happy Stick by Trip Kingz

Happy Stick Rechargeable Disposable, with 1 gram of NN.

Now available, we have a 1 gram disposable of NN, called the Happy Stick.  Comes in a rechargeable disposable unit to make it conveniently comfortable to enjoy the effects of the strongest psychedelic known to man.

The disposable unit is a 280 mAH battery with 3.6 V to allow a nice and comfortable hit.  The center is full ceramic.

To enjoy the full experience, try having 3 good big hits and keeping the smoke within your lungs.  Multiple doors to be opened, multiple universes to explore!

(7 customer reviews)

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Happy Stick Disposable by Trip Kingz

With the Happy Stick Disposable by Trip Kingz, you can get an intense trip with the ease of a few puffs. Smoking DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, is known for inducing intense and short-lived psychedelic experiences.  The effects typically include:

  • Rapid Onset: DMT takes effect almost immediately, often within seconds of inhalation.
  • Profound Visuals: Users commonly report vivid, colorful, and complex geometric patterns.
  • Altered Perception of Time: Time may appear to slow down or lose its normal flow.
  • Ego Dissolution: DMT often leads to a profound sense of ego dissolution or ego death.
  • Interaction with Entities: Many users report encounters with seemingly intelligent and non-human entities during their DMT experiences.
  • Spiritual Insights: DMT trips are often described as deeply spiritual.
  • Physical Sensations: DMT can lead to physical sensations, such as vibrations, tingling, or a sense of being pulled or pushed by external forces.
  • Short Duration: The effects of smoking DMT are extremely short-lived, typically lasting only 5 to 15 minutes.

It’s important to note that DMT is a powerful substance and not without risks. Additionally, the intensity of the experience can be overwhelming, and users should be prepared and in a safe, comfortable environment with a trusted sitter if they choose to explore it.


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7 reviews for Happy Stick by Trip Kingz

  1. mets14 Verified Owner

    Legit DMT. Very intense, was able to breakthrough after 3-4 deep hits. Was a little worried as there were no reviews but decided to take the plunge and am glad I did. Product and service are both great.

  2. ztrippy Verified Owner

    Hey so this product is very intense and should be taken in a protected environment, I had never tried DMT prior to this but I tell ya it took me to different realms. And the ego Death is the worse part possible, I used a few times here and there 1 or two hits and was good. When I reached the braking point of DMT it was definitely magical and an experience like no other. Though I felt as If I died and came back to life, this was a very serious situation and I had used too much so keep this stick to a minimum unless you want to reach death and back also. I can’t elaborate on how extreme this is I felt as if I was being examined by extraterrestrial beings and they didn’t want to let me go. I tried so hard to leave and it’s almost like you have to take more DMT to finish out the trip or you’ll be trapped in a place you don’t want to be. I also heard all of my loved ones screaming and crying because I had mentally died. It was very upsetting and very scary and it makes me look at life very differently now, and to take ever day for granted and spend as much time with your loved ones as possible because tomorrow is not promised. It’s not like shrooms or acid one bit. I also feel this product is very over priced for what you’re receiving, and the taste isn’t the greatest. I appreciate this store for expanding on the experiences they give to there customers they’re always very helpful and respond quickly, though I will not be using again will just keep to shrooms and acid.

  3. chadpomes Verified Owner

    Amazing is all I can say. If you know then you know and this is legit

  4. Acidbongcrack Verified Owner

    First time using DMT, I’m making AMT which is identical except for the time aspect. Could’ve tried dmt 15 yrs ago but I wasn’t ok smoking out of a lightbulb.
    Just as intense as a 17 hr bad but very beneficial trip.. and AMT. Shrooms aren’t picked off cow shit, then wont trip hard cuz it’s lacking the poison it should have making in a way kinda almost useless but I love every stage of tripping as long as you have any of lvls of tripping😁 Positive perm effect when I smoke instead of quitting as I did at 17 yrs old after that exhausting acid trip… DMT ok, I want or I’ll be making AMT in the next year maybe two
    Thank you oc420, I’ve waited 23 yrs to trip in the snow coming down hard for hours-1st shroom trip and going to have a blast in a couple days😆. Only trips have improved my perception and my mental illness. Depression gone for almost a year in may

  5. Jacobbritt Verified Owner

    I tried to followed the instructions smoked a lot of it held in for along time no breakthrough and no visuals I’m pretty disappointed ☹️ never buying dmt vape again

  6. Alias Fox Verified Owner

    LEGIT. % is about as strong as you can get since it will crystalize and need soft heating back into solution.

  7. Budzinski Verified Owner

    Wow! Really opened me up to new dimensions of reality. First hits were most potent but lost effectiveness with subsequent inhalations- but still experienced subtle effects (like micro dosing n,n.)

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