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Happy Stick by Trip Kingz

Happy Stick Rechargeable Disposable, with 1 gram of NN.

Now available, we have a 1 gram disposable of NN, called the Happy Stick.  Comes in a rechargeable disposable unit to make it conveniently comfortable to enjoy the effects of the strongest psychedelic known to man.

The disposable unit is a 280 mAH battery with 3.6 V to allow a nice and comfortable hit.  The center is full ceramic.

To enjoy the full experience, try having 3 good big hits and keeping the smoke within your lungs.  Multiple doors to be opened, multiple universes to explore!

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Happy Stick Disposable by Trip Kingz

With the Happy Stick Disposable by Trip Kingz, you can get an intense trip with the ease of a few puffs. Smoking DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, is known for inducing intense and short-lived psychedelic experiences.  The effects typically include:

  • Rapid Onset: DMT takes effect almost immediately, often within seconds of inhalation.
  • Profound Visuals: Users commonly report vivid, colorful, and complex geometric patterns.
  • Altered Perception of Time: Time may appear to slow down or lose its normal flow.
  • Ego Dissolution: DMT often leads to a profound sense of ego dissolution or ego death.
  • Interaction with Entities: Many users report encounters with seemingly intelligent and non-human entities during their DMT experiences.
  • Spiritual Insights: DMT trips are often described as deeply spiritual.
  • Physical Sensations: DMT can lead to physical sensations, such as vibrations, tingling, or a sense of being pulled or pushed by external forces.
  • Short Duration: The effects of smoking DMT are extremely short-lived, typically lasting only 5 to 15 minutes.

It’s important to note that DMT is a powerful substance and not without risks. Additionally, the intensity of the experience can be overwhelming, and users should be prepared and in a safe, comfortable environment with a trusted sitter if they choose to explore it.


1 review for Happy Stick by Trip Kingz

  1. mets14 Verified Owner

    Legit DMT. Very intense, was able to breakthrough after 3-4 deep hits. Was a little worried as there were no reviews but decided to take the plunge and am glad I did. Product and service are both great.

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